A Fan at The GYM with Randy Ortan

A fan at the gym with Randy Ortan


A Fan was at the same gym when Randy Orton walked in for his workout after Smackdown live went off air.
The fan went up to Randy and ask for his autograph and Randy told him he could not hear him because he had earphones in his ears, so the fan went to the other side of the room and snap a picture of Ortan.

Randy saw the flash go off and confronted the fan and told him he did not want any pictures and told the fan to go away and leave him alone.

Randy proceeded to tell the fan it was his time off and he did not want to be bothered. The fan was then upset and called Randy an (ass).

You could imagine the look on Randy Orton’s face, I mean come on people look how big Orton is do really want to say that to a man of his size.

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