Two contradict advices

Two contradict advices


One year ago, someone told me an advice

Don’t leave the career you are excellent at for the career you love, as if you fail at what you love you will feel completely lost

And yesterday someone else told me

Go for the career you love, no matter how hard it would be. This will always make you happy by any small accomplishments

Which one do you think is right if you were in my shoes?  

The problem is that I am still at the beginning of the path and I cannot see where each one ends. So I must ask the people coming back, but it’s hard to find them and even if you ask them, you must keep in mind that each of them had their own life challenges.

Now let’s flash back to who I was. I just finished high school with very good grades and without any hesitation I choose engineering because I love math and physics. I have always dreamed to be an engineer. But life is not that smooth and easy. After I finished my preparatory year in engineering, it’s times to choose a department. Offcourse I did ask people to help me decide. But trust me no one could understand you and your passion as much as your parents. You may believe that they think very traditionally and you really want to be extraordinary and unique but actually they will always guide you to the most guaranteed path as far as they know.

In a warm family gathering while eating cake and drinking tea. They advised me to be a computer software engineer as it has variety of work fields and it’s good for girls. At that time, I was unable to think alone and decide for myself so I simply went with their advice. I was not like my Geeky classmates who would write codes for almost any idea that pops in their mind. They really enjoyed coding but I don’t think I did......

If you Googled how to take decisions, the blogs will tell you to search for what you enjoy doing in your free time and go for it. But it’s not always enough to do it for living. It will take years of hard work to reach to a satisfactory level. But do keep in mind that great people in history must have faced many struggles before being famous for who they are. So remember that if you have struggle taking the right decision and your life is not going on a roller coaster so watch out You are on the wrong track because it seems like you did not came out of your comfort zone yet.

In conclusion, if you read this article to know which path you should take so I am sorry I cannot guide you, because I don’t know you and how your life is. I just shared part of a true story of mine. I can only tell you go with gut feeling after reading this. I’ll keep the path I took private because I have not reached the final destination yet. But do you know what’s so amazing about that. There is no final destination, as long as you are still breathing so you still have many more to try in your life ........

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I am student in the faculty of engineering. I am a daydreamer and that what makes me a passionate writer since I was 9 . Involuntarily, when I am happy, sad or even just thinking ......... I find my hand writing. So I consider my self a crazy writer :P I wish you would enjoy reading my articles and if it really touches some part of your life then only my message has reached the world out there .........