I read, Therefore I am

I read, Therefore I am


Whenever you get that question of 'What are your hobbies?', and you start thinking about them then finally you mention that you love 'reading books'.

When I get to think about hobbies, I always find the word 'reading' rushing out of my mouth. I remember every single book I read throughout my life.

I start recalling them by names and details of the stories and their characters. I never forgot a book I read.

Going back in time to my childhood, I can say that reading is my precious inheritance from my father. He was an avid reader who devoured uncountable numbers of book of different genres. He used to talk to me about reading when I was a little kid.

I used to stare at the huge library he had in our house, which was stuffed with dozens of books. I thought that he might have had all the books on earth. He had books of law, medicine, philosophy, religion, politics, geography, sports, engineering and even chemistry.

He owned books of poetry, short stories, plays, novels, diaries, biographies and autobiographies. My dad's library resembled a castle. I remember those nights when stayed up late for hours wearing his reading glasses and holding a book in some sort of a surrealistic scene for a man whose passion for knowledge transcends his concern with earthly pleasures.

Reading was his favorite activity before sleeping, or rather it was his favorite thing ever ! He never seemed to be less eager to read even while growing older and unfortunately more sick.. He loved reading in such a platonic way.

My father passed that habit of passionate reading down to me, and here is my say. I believe that reading is something heavenly. It has the ability to give you peace even at your worst times.

If age is ever counted by books, I would definitely be over a thousand years now !

Reading is my best friend who never failed me. It gave me insight. It sharpened my senses and made me super receptive to whatever happens around me.

It developed my perspective and the way I think about everything in life. It gave me that analytical sense to realize that everything happens for a reason. It taught me that nothing happens to us is arbitrary, and there is always that certain point of time when we will find out the answer for all our Whys.

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