Explore your depths

Explore your depths


Our lives are brief, that's why we serach for a meaning..

These striking words from the series Desperate Housewives have always caught my mind. I have been captivated by them since I first heard them.

With close scrutiny to my life, I found out that I did waste too much time thinking about my past failures and tribulations. I spend so many days drowning in my bleak thoughts and negative vibes. I was trapped in my own mind on my own will.

When I came across that quote, I realized that life is actually short, too short... No matter how long we're gonna stay alive, it was never about years and days. Life is all about what we make of it.

A day can count a year. One may get alarmed by the plight of someone dead or close to them, yet it is only a temporary caution. Human beings forget. Their memories are designed to only keep record of events. However, when it comes to morals, they rarely pay attention.

They tend to repeat the same mistakes like they are doomed to live in an endless cycle of agony. And I do believe in that to a fair extent, that we are doomed to repeat the very same doing over and over again. But What I do embrace is that we should live life to the fullest.

We must try to make the most of our lives because we're inevitably dying in the end. We're given only one life, and if we really live, then once is enough. One can live thousands of lives within his very same life. Reading, traveling and knowledge in general can extend our ages in a magical way.

I am addressing whoever reads that. You should search for a meaning to your life. You should wait for no one to give you peace. Maybe we're doomed to walk certain paths in life, but this never meant that we have no will of our own. We have every right to choose.

You'll never know what the future holds, so being occupied by it will get you nowhere. Go search for your true self no matter what it takes. Make use of your once-and-for-all. Time waits for no one. Go on trying whatever you see yourself. Life is for nothing but self-exploration.    

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