Death .. The Almighty Unknown-Most-Hated Enemy

Death .. The Almighty Unknown-Most-Hated Enemy


Have you ever contemplated death? Why is it considered hideous? Why do people fear death?

I think that death is really hated because of our prospective.

We always view it as an ending. No matter how long our lives get or how busty and significant they are, death always comes to put a closure to them.

No one is immortal. No matter what they say about the benevolent deeds and and memorable words and actions, one day you won't be there .

But wait a second. Aren't endings new beginnings? Can't that mighty monster we fear be the best thing that ever happened to us? The dilemma is no one has ever come back after death to tell us.

In this piece of writing, I'm not presenting something concrete. I'm not discussing anything scientific. I'm not seeking  to analyze or tackle any theories.

I just want to express some inner feelings that have been always struggling to come out.

Our lives are brief, that's why we miserably try to fill it with activities, doings and memories to feel that we live to the max.

However, the truth is we will eventually perish. So, isn't searching for a meaning in such a temporary life is essentially pointless?

We seek eternality in everything we do and we want things to be ever-lasting whereas our own existence is merely transitory.

We seek truth, and some just waste their time pursuing it.

In essence, the only ultimate truth in life is actually death. And sadly enough, we only get to grasp that after death. Isn't that absurd?

This is neither a call for pessimism nor a suicidal note. It's a mere attempt to speak a mind which is overflowing with excessive observation.

It is an outcome of immoderate meditation. I have always thought about life after death.

This unthinkable existence which we get the chance to experience after we leave life.

I have been always wondering about its nature and happenings. Some may see my words as utter hallucinations and nonsense.

However, all I'm asking for by the ones who get to read this is to give their minds the ultimate freedom to wander around meta-existence, because death never waits for permission.

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