Why I'm Right ... "Dealing with people"

Why I'm Right ... "Dealing with people"


Whoever is reading this, hello! How are you? 

Suffering from those people who disagree with everything??

Well, I know your struggle. I feel you. Especially when it's with your friends or anyone you love. There are many discussions and arguments and you can't find a way to solve them.

Of course, I am not going to tell do this, this and this. It depends on the problem, the discussion, and the argument. It even depends on the people you're dealing with.

Well, I think you've to find points of agreements with the person to whom you're talking. Surprisingly, this is the most difficult aspect of all.

Actually, it's not easy to find something going on easily through our life. It's difficult because the agreement must be genuine not just sycophantic pretense.

If you agree with everything, there's not much of discussion, not much of a conversation and not much of exchange of views.

It's difficult because the motivation to do this is contrary to most people's natural inclinations. We all have that person in our life who disagrees with everything, he might as well be giving a lecture. 

Nice as it may sound, your contribution isn't very significant.

This person who makes a point of disagreeing with everything that is said is a highly argumentative person who seeks to demonstrate superiority through disagreement.

Too often, academics or highly educated people behave in this manner because they have been encouraged to do so.This is much tied up with the ego. An argument is a battle between egos.

When you agree you seem to be submitting to the other point of view_ so you lose. When you disagree you are asserting your ego and indicating you may be superior.

All this is reinforced by the emphasis on argument and debate in school and also in society.

It's tied up, isn't it??!!

I believe that:

"A discussion should be a genuine attempt to explore a subject rather than a battle between competing egos. "   ~Edward De Bono 

You need to be somewhere between these two extremes. You don't have to agree with everything. You shouldn't disagree with everything. 

If you insist on always winning an argument you end up with nothing more than you started with_ except showing off your arguing ability. When you lose an argument you may well have gained a new point of view.

Being right all the time isn't the important thing in the world and it's certainly not very beautiful.

To the one who's reading this, if you have another point of view, I'd really like to know it. If you have, leave it down below.

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