Social Media Addicts, You are too closely far.

Social Media Addicts, You are too closely far.


'No man is an island', a phrase said by the memorable English metaphysical poetry figure John Donne which happens to be highly applicable nowadays. No one can live totally by themselves. With the spread of communicative means and internet which are supposed to bring people together, it seems that they widen the gap among people.

Holding your cell phone all day long, you're contacting your friends everywhere and you're kept posted with their latest updates.However, such a from-afar way to communicate with people may give a misleading overview of their lives.Many are the times when you get to see a picture of a smiling friend who looks impressively happy, but have you ever asked yourself whether they are really as much happy as their shots tell?

Social media means have contributed in our detachment. They set us apart. We tend to prefer text messages, posts, tweets and retweets over phone calls and face-to-face conversations.

Such ways of keeping in touch with others transform us into shadowy figures. We show happiness, sadness, support or even condemnation only from afar. Personal interaction gets down with the passage of time.

We have become more of robots who stare at electronic devices all the time, unwilling to exert any effort to conduct any sort of personal interaction.You get to find a whole family sitting around their kitchen table for lunch with everybody holding a cell phone that shuts them off whatever happens around them. Ironically, you get them saying that they are busy 'socializing'.

Actually, I believe that social media means should have timers. People should give a room for extra actual interaction with others. Instead of texting a couple to congratulate them for a new baby, try to pay them a visit and be part of the happy moment.

If you are thinking about a highly-decorative piece of writing for a friend's birthday text, go surprise them with a simple gift and enjoy seeing the delightful reaction on their face. Such a simple gesture of care can mean a lot for someone who needs it, and definitely seeing someone happy would make you happy as well. 

Eventually, time is our most precious possession, and proper investment of it must a priority. Why would you prefer to share a moment from afar when you can actually being part of it? It is said that pictures are a magical means to freeze the moments may never be repeated.

However, I think that living and sharing such moments would be of a greater value than keeping pictures of them.

Images Source : Hicomm