Mourning Grief of a Parent Loss

Psychological Shadow on children

Psychological Shadow on children

Parent-child relationships become more tangled through the development of the kid's growth. If you are a parent, then you realize this innate impulsion about being a father or a mother. When destiny announces the fate departure for one of the parents, it has a severe Consequences. A Child who suffers the melting pain of loss get through specific levels of Grief.

The first step is called Denial : the child goes through a psychological changes against the surrounding environment. He begins to ignore the reality of this incident.

Dr.Susan Hois, child development specialist, claims that

Child's feeling of insecurity and regression as result of a parent loss leads to seclusion and solicitude

The second level is Anger which is scientifically marked with uncontrolled decisions and harum-scarum actions. He or she will be struggling with Oedipal conflict which is a Freudian theory constitutes

child desire for sexual involvement with the opposite sex of a parent

In case of losing a father, a male child can act harshly showing violence and wrath towards the mother.

The third level is Bargaining which involves the conversational with higher note. A child may address speech with loud voice while taking. You might find him scream and shout for no clear reason.

Fourth level is Depression, this stage evolves a child will reach the mean truth of loss. It is natural to see adolescent behavior accompanied with isolation and preference to avoid others in society. The last one acceptance which is a logical result of all stages above.

Professor Bruce Berry indicates in his essay

Death and loss : Helping children manage their grief

Through evaluating topic of loss in positive way not impacting negatively on them, talking to them about loss and how everyone can experience such a situation.

Grieving is a very hard process for children, adults but we have to teach children how to overcome death mourn and sorrow. It is not a final cure but will assist young to keep going.

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