Forever Against Bullying.

Forever Against Bullying


Whoever is reading this, Hello!

I sometimes sit like that wondering to myself: 

"Why do some people deal with bullying?"

I really can't find an answer and it's not the right of anyone to deal that way.

I am totally against that. To the one who's dealing that way "bullying", I just want to tell you that you win nothing except hurting people's feeling.

Ohhh!!! I'm sorry, I forgot that you even don't care about that. But don't you ever think that one day you'll be dealt the same way?!

Well, anyone of us does mistakes in life; we aren't angels, I know. but, this doesn't mean that we should be devils.

That man you made fun of his crying, you may be in his place one day.

Unless you're God, stop judging people.

This man may one of his parents is dying. So, he's not as a kid as you say. And if you were in his place, you may do more than crying. Who knows?!

And that boy you called him poor, I just wanna tell you that you're totally wrong. At least, he's not stealing. At least, he's not depending on others. you know, he may don't have money but he has a pure kind heart which is appreciated without money, that you'll never own one like it.

This boy is working days and nights just to support his family or may he's working to pay for his education.

At least he's working hard and not taking it easy the way you do.

And that girl you called her skinny. "Thin"

This girl maybe suffering some diseases "Thyroxine". However, it's not your right to talk about that.

And that girl you called her fat. As I said before it's not your right and I'll say it again. This girl may be starving herself and you may change a thought in her mind like: "I won't change because of anyone." just because of your bullying. 

And who knows?! You may suffer diabetes in the future or you may just be like her because of any reason.

And that old man you made fun of him cause of the ugly scars. Don't you ever think that you'll be in his age, one day? 

OR you may have an accident in the future and have uglier and uglier scars.

Don't you ever think that the old man fought for our country, one day and defended you while you're just a little kid?!

Ahhh!! I forgot to talk about another point. If you're one of the people who can't control themselves when they're mad and bully with people just to get rid of their madness.

So, I prefer to isolate far away from other people who see your bullying with no single reason.

So, that boy you pushed him down working in your shop, it's not his fault that you're a silly bullying person.

To the one who's reading this, I'm totally against bullying. If you've ever seen anyone who does bullying, stop him at once, please.

Stop hurting people's feelings. Stop annoying them. We're a human being. We live together in a world, not in a forest.

I'd really like to know your opinion. Any comments? You can leave it down below.