A Beautiful Mind - Part 2 "Inner Peace"

A Beautiful Mind - Part 2 "Inner Peace"


Life is hard but it's not impossible. Actually, not all the people are going to love you even if you're the most perfect person all over the world. Every one of us has something which is missed in

So, no one of us means perfection. What I mean that every one of us has something which is good and bad in. BUT too many people lose the good things in them without feeling instead of protecting them. It's like buying a beautiful expensive car and not putting fuel in its tank.

I really feel sorry for those people. I know that no one is completely perfect, but no one tries to lose the perfect things in as well, especially when it's your personality. It's your pure heart, clean soul, and everything.

 And we know this beautiful elegant lady who had a perfect figure and shitty personality. Actually, I hate this kind of people cause inner peace is the most important thing in our life. I'm talking about the real happiness, the satisfaction, the love of our life.

 Guys and girls, please don't care about the appearance of each other. Have you ever thought about the others personalities?!

I rate people according to their personality not their look nor their appearance. Have you ever thought about the others thoughts and intentions ?!

Have you ever thought about their mind and way of thinking?!

As I said in the first part: "Great physical beauty with boring mind is boring and many beautiful faces with shitty personalities".

 "What I mean the purity of your mind, the goldness of your heart and the kidness of your soul is the real PERFECTION. So, rate people according to this according to their BEAUTIFUL MIND".

As you know, a beautiful lady has no kind of attraction because of her boring mind. What I mean: If beautifulness of your appearance and beautifulness of your heart, mind, and soul in a battle, So, know that the HEART PERFECTION always wins.

"Simply, the people drifted away from that lady although she is pretty and beautiful".

Surprisingly, I'm the friend of that lady who came and stayed with her that night. I'm the one who tried to explain the situation to her. I'm the one who tried to convince her to change her mind and way of thinking although I know how difficult it is. 

It's not easy at all to change your mind. It's not easy to change something In your personality. It's not easy to abdicate a part of your personality you got used to deal with even if it was bad. 

It's like losing someone you used to live with. It's too hard, isn't it? BUT i believe that the person who really wants something, will do it. If someone really wants to change something, he will.

As i told you in the beginning, life is HARD but not IMPOSSIBLE. It's too hard to change really but you can .

But, keep in mind not to change because of someone. Change for your own good. Don't believe in words but in actions. Actions are stronger than words and I mean it and that was my advice to my friend "the lady".

I asked her not to talk about that but to do. To do for her own good. To do for her own inner peace.

After 9 months,, i found that my friend turned out to be completely different. Of course you're wondering to yourself right now :" Aren't they too much to change in 9 months ?!

"Simply, as I told u it's not easy at all to change something In your personality. Actually,in my opinion they're not many at all".

At the end of my story, I really hope it was something benefition for you. I just tried to figure out something we're really suffering from nowadays.

The one who's reading this please keep in mind :An ugly personality destroys a pretty face and DEFINITELY your TRESSURE is in your HEART. "

That's my opinion about people's personalities and how rating people. If you have another opinion please leave it down below.