3 Ways To Sustain Your Well-being



1) Meditate

"Time flies" .. It is an idiom used by a person to express that time goes really fast. However, such an expression becomes a concrete fact nowadays. We are stuck in our daily routine between work, sleeping, family, duties and so on that we get no time to stay alone. No matter how much you enjoy the crack, you need to have sometime for yourself. On a daily basics, one should assign 10 minutes at minimum to meditate. You need to stop and think a little about yourself.

What have you done today? Are you going on the right track? What was the highlight of the day ?. You have to listen to your inner calls and pay much attention to your needs. Ten minutes in the company of silence can do the trick, because it's when you may get to listen to something that you've been ignoring the whole day.  

2) Read 

It's not about being a bookworm, but everyone needs to read. If you're into reading, just make sure you read a couple of pages of your favourite book/novel as your last activity while in bed before you sleep. If you're one of those people who find reading extra BORING, just try your best to make yourself into reading about something you love. Even if you're gonna read a couple of lines, you'll find much delight in adding something new to your information about whatever you're passionate about. Learning is an endless life-long process and the more you know, the more you become aware of who you really are.  



3) Work out, eat clean, drink water and repeat 

It's not about having extra-pumped muscles and bragging about them. Everybody needs to practice sport. Even if you don't have time for the GYM, some simple home workouts are enough. Squats, push-ups, crunches and cardio workouts are on the top of the list. They need no special equipment and can be done at home. Just make sure you assign between 20-30 mintues a day for exercising.

Along with working out, make sure you drink enough water. It helps boost metabolism and cleanse the body. Beware of what you eat and make more rooms for fruits and vegetables within your daily meals to enusre that your body is provided with all necessary nutrients. Stay away of sugar, salt and caffeine as much as possible, or at least pay close attention to your intakes of them.

Eventually, everybody is able to catch despression. It's not that easy-to-be-avoided thing that you can stay away from. However, your lifestyle is crucial when it comes to depression. Make sure you're following a healthy lifestyle in which you pay attention to your physical needs as well as you fulfill your spiritual ones.