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Book2trip: Vacation Rental Platform

Book2trip is a vacation rental platform, that allows it’s customers to rent online and compare prices and reviews for their vacation’s destination.

We provided them with marketing services on a long term contract that included the following services:

SEO “Search Engine Optimization” 

Book2Trip SEP Portfolio ScreenshotWhich included optimizing the website HTML structure and the dynamic platform performance issues.

We have also provided in details reports with the solutions of each problem or issues found on their website that affects the site’s ranking or their customers experience.

We continuously provided articles to the platform blog that directly speaks to the customers interests with unique content thank rank.

A full outreach campaigns conducted among other link building strategies to boost the ranking.

Facebook ads & Google AdWords

A full strategic plan was conducted to reach the platform prospects and convert them to a customer.

To reach our goals using our strategies and tactics to create a sales funnel with optimized spending of ads and maintaining the allowed budget and reach monthly goals.

All the 3 phases the buyer journey was targeted from building awareness for the platform, engaging audience and converting into customers.

We also fully managed their social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+.

Book2Trip Goal (Paid/Organic) Performance on Sales Funnel We Created For Them Per Quarter

Book2Trip Sales Funnel Goals

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