Can You lose Fats And Gain Muscles Simultaneously? Yes You Can

Having a fit body becomes an obsession for poeple all around the world.

Countless web pages, blogs, articles and even instagram accounts that are concerned with healthy routines and tips get super popular nowadays.

Everyone seeks a shredded body where no fats get to occupy much space. Here are 5 tips tha can help you jointly get rid of your disturbing body fats and increase your muscle mass.

1- Smart Carbs

Smart Carbs

Many people think that one has to cut down the usage of carbs in order to lose fats. Some tend to follow low-carb diets convinced that they will lose their fats in no time.

In fact, researches have proven that following low-carb regimes for a long time may actually backfires. It can minimize metabolism, pushing the body to store fats. Actually, one should watch their intake of carbs.

Complex carbs, such as whole grain products, potato and beans are more preferable and of much use for our boides than simple carbs. They conatin more fibers and they provide our bodies with extended energy.

It's not about cutting of carbs, it's all about the right carb choices.

2- Wight-lifting And Cardio Must Be Best Friends 


In order to burn your fats, Cardio is never enough. Cardio workouts such as running, jogging and other things will accelerate your metabolism and burn your fats. However, if you only do Cardio, losing your muscle mass gets too near!

In order to be in shape, you have to keep the balance between Cardio and Weight-lifting. Weight-lifting will help you mainatin your muscles in order to keep a good shape of your body after losing weight.

It also helps accelerate metabolism as a half kgm of muscles can burn up to 7 calories a day, even while sitting or sleeping. The best way to avoid a flabby body is to mix between cardio and wieght-lifting.  

3- Your Protein Intake Makes All The Difference


Protein is not only about meat, chicken and fish. Dairy products, eggs, vegetables and beans are rich with protein. In order to help your body gets rid of fats, you got to increase your protein intake.

This doesn't mean that you have to eat meat either red or white all the day long. Relying of various protein sources as well as incorporating protein elements in your meals will do the trick.

For instance, you can add a handful amount of red or black beans to your everyday dishes or salads. You can also add yogurt or low-fat cheese as side dishes in your daily meals, mixing it with some spices like mint or cinnamon for a special  taste.

Increasing protein intake through several different sources will definitely boost your metabolism.

4- Fat Burners: Great Assistants for A Stable Diet


Along with following a healthy balanced diet, you need the help of some fat burners. On the top of them is definitely water. Your body should be hydrated all the time. This facilitates the vital processes as wel as stimulates fat burning.

Water helps cleanse your body and drive toxins out. In addition, there are several drinks and herbs that can support metabolism, such as orange, pineapple and lemon juice, green tea, ginger and cinnamon.

Integrating just one or two of them will ensure better continous fat burning in your body.

5- Diet Enemies: Stress And Exhaustion

Stress And Exhaustion

Millions of people complain that their diets don't bring any success. They keep following diets for long periods of time with no real obvious changes. First, you should be aware that your body needs time to adapt to a diet and new eating habits.

Scientifically speaking, human bodies need approximately 21 days in order to be able to cope with changes of eating behaviours. Some bodies may take more or less than this period according to genetic and hereditary factors.

However, people don't get much attention to their psychological condition, which is closely related to their physical one. Peo;pe who are apt to stress and physical fatigue are more unlikely to get positive results while follwoing healthy diets.

Exhaustion decreases the body's ability to function efficiently. When you are exhausted, your body tends to follow a defensive technique, in which it stores fats and thus diminishes metabolism.

When you are onerous, your brain can't stop thinking about food. You become more likely to eat sugary and fatty food, which totally ruin your dietary plans.

Sinilarly, negative feelings affect inner working of the body and results in deteriorated vital body processes. You should stay away from overstrain by properly managing your time and make sure you get enough sleep and conveninet food meals.

Paying equal heed for both your psychological as well as physical health is your way to reach your goal. 

Following the former steps can enure better fat burning as well as the maintenance of current muscle mass. In the end, having a healthy attractive body needs constant work and discipline.

You should set a goal and be ready to do whatever it takes to reach it. Wherever there is a will, there is a way. 

Images Source : Choosechickapea