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Now the days of marketing channels increase every day, the marketing is still the marketing but the ways changing every day. You can use LinkedIn, Facebook or even Twitter and Instagram to promote your products, but the vast of clients is on Google and its marketing channel is Google AdWords millions of people are searching every minute on google and they are ready for any information or ad related to their search why not to use this?.

If you want to advertise with Google, Adwords is the way, Adwords publish your ads on Google search related to what you site offers and what will you write in your Adwords campaign, by Adwords you can run your ads locally or globally depends on your target audience and what you want, also you will be charged on the number of effective clicks on the ads, not the invalid clicks.

Keyword research:

Adwords Keywords are the words your choice to make your ads campaign by Google Adwords these words is what represent your site and what you think your customers will use when they search for services like what you offer on Google. By fixing these words with your ads your ads will show when someone searches for a similar term, and here some tips for Adwords Keywords.

Be like your clients:

Don’t use general keywords instead of use narrowed and specific words that your costumers will use. So think like them, for example, if you have a website that sells clothes rather than you have to use major keywords like a man and women clothing use man winter coats, blazers and use women sports shirts.

Use your negative keywords list:

When you set up your Adwords campaign you have a negative keywords list which ensures that your keywords will never show to the wrong target audience.

Account Setup:

You can manage your Adwords Account and set up your campaigns to reach the most organic traffic from Google search to increase your site visitors and expand your business. To set up your adwards account here some tips.


You must have an email and a website for your business but if you don’t have, it’s okay you still can use AdWords Express it’s simple solution for online advertisement.


Give a brief about your business and company which target audience you want for your campaign, also deiced if you need another person to have an access to your account or it will be only you. 

Quality Score:

One of many things we insure in your campaign is your quality score which is the quality of your keywords, ads and finally your landing page and how they are relevant to your target audience the score is on a scale from 1-10, also it determines the pay per click on you adds which determine your budget.

How to use keywords to increase your quality score?

At First, Always be up to date in your business discover new keywords that your clients use, and don’t forget to be specific, don’t forget your negative keywords list use it will narrow the choices to your clients.

on the other hand use the power of categorization, when you split your keywords into groups and that will have a great effect on your quality score, also not just the keywords but if categorize your ads when you use an image or video ads.

Invalid Clicks:

Invalid Click is the scam clicks on your ads, for example, if you have competitors and he clicks on your ads much time to increase your budget. fortunately, these clicks will be discovered by Google and will not be counted in your budget.

These case studies provide by Adwords help center in the nest situation the clicks consider invalid clicks
1- clicks generated by automata, robots or any software that work by this way
2- extra clicks on the same ad like double-click

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