Tips to make the most of the GEW (global entrepreneurship week)

make most GEW

What is GEW anyway? Why should You care about this week?  

Whatever your job is and whether you see yourself as an entrepreneur, a part of the entrepreneurship revolution or not, you shouldn't miss the GEW without making the most of it. During this week in any place around the globe you will find local or international activities at a variety of scales for entrepreneurs. The GEW aims to expose people everywhere to the benefits of entrepreneurship through different activities and to motivate them to explore their own entrepreneurial ideas.

How can You make the most of GEW?


1. Get inspired by the GEW 

inspiration GEW

Nothing can bring you inspiration more than a group of passionate people wanting to change the world or listening to the stories of people who changed the world. Also you can be inspired by people around you talking about daily problems we face and solutions for them, which might bring you an idea.


2. Validate your idea during the GEW

idea validation GEW

So, you have an idea. use the GEW and make most of it by talking to people, especially prospects, to make sure you know their problem or needs, and how your solution, product or service handles it, and how much are they whiling to pay for it or if it is a social initiative how willing are people to support it 

3. Networking at GEW

networking GEW

GEW is a great chance to know people of same interests or work in the same field or industry.


4. Find Mentors at GEW  

mentor GEW

We all need mentors in our careers or startups, one of the best places to find a perfect one is where entrepreneurs will be as GEW activities and gatherings, as most of them are entrepreneurs or looking for ones.


5. Get an investor from GEW

invest GEW

Money goes where business ideas go, so if you want to find a lot of investors easily, go to any GEW mega event around you.


6. Find your next Job Opportunity at GEW

job GEW

GEW brings entrepreneurs, investors and companies in one place, its a job haunting utopia inwhich you can find a job in a company or an emerging startup, simply go and mention your field and your expertise and make yourself memorable .


7. Co-foundering opportunities at GEW

co founder GEW

At GEW you can find yourself a co-founder in your idea or be a co-founder for an idea you like and like to make it happen.


8. GEW is a chance to learn something new

learn GEW

At GEW activities you will find a lot of useful sessions, workshops and discussions make the most of the sessions, workshops and networking to learn something new about business, your community needs or even your career.


9. GEW is a chance to GTD (Getting things done)


Entrepreneur are doers, if you want to stop procrastination and GTD surround yourself by them, also most of entrepreneurial activities and events include working on an idea or a project in only 3 or 4 days so you will get a lot of things done in short time.
Also the surrounding environment will inspire you to make use of your personal time in making something useful even after the activities end and you all go home.


10. GEW can bring New business opportunities 

opportunity - business GEW

As I said above money goes where ideas go, if you have a business or you work in a company and looking for sponsorships, partnerships, sales, investing or even merging opportunities entrepreneurial events are the best for you.


11. Get ahead of the trends with entrepreneurs

GEW trends

Everything in our lives, business or even careers is about trends, so to make sure you are using those trends for your advantage be where those trends are born and where people talk about and analyze them.
Also to make the most of GEW try to know what are the entrepreneurship trends of the year? and how to make use of them?


12. GEW is a chance to get Media Exposure

media GEW

If you have an idea, knowledge or expertise, GEW is a chance to get the booming you need as you will find a lot of media coverage due to the presence of investors, business men, entrepreneurs and innovators.


13. GEW is a chance to go out 

go GEW

Spending time alone can be boring, simply turn off your tv or laptob and go out, network, learn, participate and have fun.
Don't let this GEW pass without making the most of it.

What are the next steps?

1. Look for GEW events near you.

2. Know your needs/goals mentioned above.

3. Know what you may find in each event near you.

4. select one and go and enjoy. 

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