Side Effects .. The Human Mind has No Limits

Side Effects .. The Human Mind has No Limits


When perverted desires align, nothing is unthinkable. The tells the story of Emily, whose happy and stable life with her husbnad is distrurbed by him being taken to jail due to monetray violations. Consequently, she gets into a severe depressive condition. She consults a psychiatrist, Dr. Seebert, who turns out to be sexually interested in her. They plan to kill her husband after he is out of the prison and take away his money.

After a failed suicide attempt, Emily consults another psychiatrist, Dr.Panx, who suggests that she need to receivce treatment for her mental and pychological plights. He prescribes her a new exprimental medication which is beleived to fight depression to help her, promising to keep that away from her husband,Martin, who is trying to rebuild their life after being released from jail.

Afterwards, she killed her husband. She is believed to be suffering from sleepwlaking, which is a side effect of the medication given to her by Dr. Panx. Acoordingly, the doctor is charged with neglection. His reputation is ruined and so is his career and marriage. He find out that Emily and her perverted doctor are trying to set him up so that they can get away with her dead husband's money.

After long investigations, Dr.Panx is capable of turning the table and proves himself innocent. Eventually, Dr. Seebert is arrested and Emily is admitted to a mental asylum under Dr. Panx recommendation.

Side Effects is more than a movie about mental disorders or sexual desires. It presents a message that the human mind is dangerously shrewd. One can employ their mind to achieve whatever they want. Rooney Mara's impressive performance of the pathetic, mentally sick wife who bemoans the death of her beloved husband while she is perfectly faking depression's symptoms in accordance with the diabolical compact with her doctor is memorable.

Also, Chaterine Zeta-Jones plays a magnificent role as a lesbian, malicious psychiatrist who makes advantage of her patient's psychological issues and gets her involved in a sexual relationship along with sharing a malignant scheme with her to kill her husband and take his money.

Last but not least, Jude Law's eye-catching performance is what eventually makes the difference. He is being deceived by her patient, however, he is  finally able to prove himself innocent and even manages to set those who has fooled him up. In his brief appearance, Channing Tatum shows considerable performance as a caring husband who tries to fix his marriage life and contains his psychologically-disturbed wife. 

In essence, the human mind is capable of a lot. If properly employed, it can lead one to wonders. Although it is immorally used by her, Emily is capable of deceiving everyone and making them believe she is innocent. Aided by her devilish doctor, she succeeds in faking illness and convincing everyone that she is a victim of depression. However, she is eventually outsmarted by Dr.Panx who is able to do brilliant investigations until he reaches the truth.

I think that there is a crucial latent moral lies within this movie. I believe it is that no matter how we get to know about human minds, the limitations of their powers and capabilities will always remain boundless.