Prisoners.... How far are you willing to go for justice ?

Prisoners.... How far are you willing to go for justice?


After the disappearance of his daughter, a father gets engaged in a violent pursuit in order to find the truth.

The movie "Prisoners" tells the story of a man who leads a happy stable life with his family.

One day, they go in a visit to their neighbours.

The two friends daughters get out of the house to play and they mysteriously disappear.

After their disappearance, their two fathers join the police search to find them.

However, one of them 'Hugh Jackman' tries to find the truth his own way.

He kidnaps the main suspect in the case and tortures him. He gets nothing but cryptic chunks of speech that take him no further. He doesn't trust the police and he insists to find the truth himself.

The active police detective 'Jake Gyllenhaal' finds it hard to find the criminal. He becomes the center of the grieved father's wrath.

He suspects that the father is conducting something suspicious, yet he does his best to help him.

With close scrutiny, the detective manages to capture another suspects of whom he thinks to have a direct relation with the incident.

Unfortunately, the suspect appears to be of no use and he even shots himself before the end of investigation.

Simultaneously, the furious father continues his own bloody pursuit to find his daughter.

He tries to get the help of the other father, but the man gives him little help.

He is fully aware of the incorrectness of his situation, yet it is too late to step back.

Towards the end of the movie, he shows a heroic sense of prowess when he risks his own life for the sake of revealing the truth about what happened to his daughter.

Due to his efforts, the two daughters eventually come back home safe.

The movie is an impressive piece of suspense and thriller.

The incomparable performance of Hugh Jackman playing the role of the audacious father along with the prominent one of Jack Gyllenhaal as the upright police detective who tries to keep everything lawful play a striking role in the viewer's rank of the movie.

Prisoners starring Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Maria Bello, Viola Davis, Melissa Leo and Paul Dano.

The cast also includes the author Aaron Guzikowski  and the director Denis Villeneuve.

The movie got a rating of 8.1 by IMDB and 81% by Rotten Tomato.