Enemy : How does it feel to be in your double's shoes ?

Enemy : How does it feel to be in your double's shoes ?


What if you wak up one day to find that there is someone else who looks exactly like you, yet functions drastically different than you?

How would you feel? Would your life be the same again? You actually need to conisder that. 

The Story

The movie tells the story of Adam Bell 'Jake Gyllenhaal', a university teacher who finds himself stuck in a routine lfe in which he does the same exact things every single day.

Upon a recommendation of a friend, he rents a movie to watch at home. In this movie, he recognizes one of the actors who looks exactly like him. He traces the guy till he reaches him and he requests to meet him.

When they meet, they find out that they are physically identical. However, they are drastically different when it comes to personal traits. 

One one hand, Adam is unconfident abd somehow listless. He does nothing out of his comfort zone. On the other hand, Anthony seems to be lively and robust. After their meetig, they get troubled by the revealatoin of one another.

Adam becomes unable to practice his daily activities, while Anthony is distracted by the thought that he has a double. Anthony decides to confront Adam and he compels him into switching their identities and so their lives for a short period of time.

He blames him for starting the whol thing in the first place when he first traces him and now he has to accept the offer in order for them to be 'even'. Adam reluctantly consents and the dilemma escalates.

After consummating the deal, Adam feel uncimfortable in the company of Anthony's pregnant wife. By contrast, Anthony seems to make the best of the situation. He takes Adam's girlfriend in a journey and sleeps with her.

Eventually, Adam gives in and shares an intimitate sexual intercourse with Anthony's wife. Surprisingly, Adam's girlfriend debunks the trick. She identifies the scar of Antony's marraige ring on his finger, something that Adam never had.

They fight on their way back and they both die in a terrible car crash.

The Ending

Actually, the ending scene happens to be super perplexing. Given that Anthony is gone and Adam is now stuck in his double's life, the final scene portrays the transformation of Anthony's wife into a gigantic spider, with Adam's no-expression-whatsoever face. 

Enemy is a highly recommended masterpiece for those who appreaciates thriller movies. It is a psychological work of art that arouses questions in minds.

The movie may be hard to understand if you're not giving full attention, but it is worthy of multiple watchings anyway.

Gyllenhaal's splendid performance as well as Denis Villeneuve's remarkable directive techniques, the atmosphere is all suspense with everys ingle move of the camera.

The Message In This Great Movie.

The movie message can be interpreted in more than a way as it is thought to present different morals.

Adam is characterized as a history teacher who is concerned with the techniques and tools of totalitarian and dictatorial regimes in curbing 'individual expression'.

He is stifled with his dull life and he does nothing out of the routine. Being exposed to an experience that threatens his static life, he becomes troubled and unstable.

Villeneuve significantly relies on symbolism is his scenes, with numerous silent shots, such as the initial sex show and the appearance of the spider and its web in more than one occasion.

The image of the spider may indicates the vagueness that characterizes the character's inner workings.

As for the final scene, one possible interpretation for the appearance of the spider is that Adam's repressive life is inevitable.

The Cast:

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Melanie Laurent and Sarah Gadon in leading role, Enemy got 6.9 by IMDb and 75% by Rotten Tomatoes.