Short Story : A Beautiful Mind - Part 1

A Beautiful Mind


There was this beautiful lady at a cocktail-party. She had flawless skin, elegant clothes and a perfect figure.

She seemed to be much on her own. people came up to her and quickly drifted away.

Then there was this short, balding and mousy man. He was always surrounded by people in animated conversations with him.

The lady was shocked. She was too beautiful, Why didn't people come and stay with her??!!

The fact that the lady in the cocktail party had a boring mind, but the mousy man had a beautiful mind.

That's why the man got more attention than the woman. There was a tall handsome man standing away. He seemed to be kind and broad minded.

He had a note book and he was writing notes in it. He noticed how people drifted away from that attractive elegant lady BUT he seemed not to be surprised by what was happening in front of him.

All of a sudden, he stood up and went to the lady. Once she saw him she cried badly but the man understood her struggle and pain. At real, this man was her husband in the past and he was a psychologist.

He broke up with her as she always looked down upon people. She was snobbish and arrogant. She always thought that she's the best woman ever although this wasn't true.

Great physical beauty with boring mind is boring and many beautiful faces with shitty personalities. The man took the lady with him. The man insisted secretly to cure her from being a bad woman.

He asked her:

Do you makes any effort to have A BEAUTIFUL MIND ?!

-- She said nothing.

He waited for minutes and then he said :

you might get the attention but you'll never keep it

-- She didn't say a word.

He understood that she would say nothing and that it wasn't the right time to talk with her.

So, He called a friend to come and stay with her for that night as she was crying badly. Her best friend came.

Of course you're wondering to yourself now :

How did she have friends ??!!!!

Simply, she was a common friend to both of them the lady and the man, She was a reasonable and perscuative friend. She told her :

You can do much to make your body more beautiful. There are exercise at the gym .There are nips, tucks and liposuction and inserts . You can do much to make your face more beautiful with cosmetics and plastic surgery. A man can have hair implants, but what about your MIND ?!

The lady seemed to regret her behavior and her way of thinking BUT IS SHE GOING TO CHANGE ??!!

P.S : Wait for the second part of my short story.