At first sight, Part 1.

At first sight, Part 1.


Laying down in bed, thinking of everything around. Her mind drifts off to an unheard sound until she falls asleep.

She wakes up the other day, to a normal day at home where she spent the last 17 years of her life, basically her whole lifetime, she's sick..?!!. She has allergies, but what is she allergic to??. The answer is the WORLD!, her disease is as rare as it is famous. She's suffering from SCID, or shall I say fake SCID.

Clearly, she couldn't go out of the house or she might DIE. She's homeschooling from the internet. She lives with her mother and her nurse, while her father and brother passed away many years ago.

One normal day, she's staying in her room doing homework and all at once she hears a sound of a truck, she stood up went to her window to see who's moving in newly as she knows that the other neighbors moved out. She opens the curtains to reveal the outside world, she sees the new neighbors. Her eyes fall on that one guy, that's tall, lean and wearing all black, black T-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers and a black knit cap that covers his hair completely. He catches her looking at him and stares at her, she stares right back.

The night rolls around, their windows are facing, they look at each other and drift away. He stood up went to bring a marker to write something on the window's glass. What did he write? his email. She writes her email right back. They both grab their phones and start texting, while looking at each other gifting smiles throughout the window. Well by now you may predicted that they will fall in love.

Unfortunately, the girl starts lying to her mother for the 1st time in her life, I mean what would she lie about when she's living the exact same life every day in the exact same place, but apparently falling in love is something to be lied about or not?!

The nurse is the only one that knew about this whole thing of talking to that guy next door and perhaps falling in love with him too, as the nurse was the girl's only friend.

The nurse helps her having secret dates with that guy in the house because obviously she cannot go out and risking her life, No.the nurse isn't a bad one she's one of the best people this girl ever knew. But one rule the nurse put down is both of them stay away from each other at both ends of the room and never touch.

Day after day after day, they take a step forward more specifically she takes it, they both confess their feelings to each other. But the question is, Will that pure love at first sight continue?! You might have to wait to find out..!

P.S. "Stay tuned for an upcoming 2nd part". Until next time "have a great day!!".