At first sight.......!! (2nd part)

At first sight.......!! (2nd part)


And it's  the wanting that pulls her back to earth hard. The wanting scares her. It's like a weed that spreads slowly, just beneath your notice. Before you know it, it's pitted your surfaces and darkened your windows........

Her biggest dream was seeing the ocean in real life because all she knew about it was from the books she read every day. Her curiosity of finding out if she's ill or not drove her nuts to the point where she wanted to risk her life and go out to the outside world with the guy she loved the most.

She booked 2 tickets to Hawaii and she left a note to her mother before leaving the house at night and went over to his house, they met in the backyard of his house. Then they got into his car and drove all the way to Hawaii. All of this happened and she didn't get sick!, What?!.

She had the best time of her life there, seeing the ocean feeling it, feeling the sand it was divine. 3 days later she fell sick, he took her to the hospital there, by now her mother has already found out where she is and was on her way to Hawaii. She felt a bit okay now, and her mother took her back home, she was still being taken care of at home. The girl's mother knew about the nurse helping her meeting up with that guy that she risked her life for. The mother decided to fire the nurse. The girl begged her mother not to do so, and that she was the one that asked for this. But her mother didn't take a step back towards her decision.

Before the nurse left she told the girl something, she told her "life is a gift, don't forget to live it".

This phrase found its way to the girl's heart, but she decided not to talk to that guy ever again or even respond to his emails, she decided to set her love aside. Because she saw the fear of losing her in her mother's eyes, like how she lost her husband and son, so she cut down all the communication with that guy.

Her mother got her another nurse that's terrible and terrifying.

2 days after that, the girl receives an email from the doctor at the Hawaiian hospital, it's her diagnosis from the last time, saying that she's not sick whatsoever and that she doesn't have SCID at all.

The mother returns back the old nurse, the girl prints out the email with the diagnosis and shows it to her mother, her mother denies it completely and says it's just a mistake the doctor made and that the fact is that she's ill. Then the girl shows it to the nurse, she took it and told her to wait a couple of hours until she asks another doctor about this diagnosis if they are right or wrong.

 The girl couldn't wait for long, she started searching for all documents about her illness since she was a kid but she found none about her being sick or having SCID.

This is the moment she realizes her whole life was a lie and that she was never ill. The nurse brings her reply that claims that she was never sick, they go to see the doctor and he says it's okay for her to do anything she wants to but to take it slowly because her body and health are so sensitive to bacterial.

The girl returns back home, locks herself up in the room avoiding her mother completely, she decides to get back to her one love, that guy. She hasn't seen him in almost 5 months now and he has moved to New York, she decides to travel there, she booked a flight and traveled leaving everything behind. She will return back home to her mom but after a little while.

She texts the guy and she tells him to go to the nearby bookshop beside his house because there is a surprise waiting for him there, this surprise was her. 

At this point, she realizes that love couldn't kill her, but instead it was the best thing that ever happened to her. That changed her life completely.......!!



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